Career Fair 2 (150)It's All About People

People come first. Before human capital, hardware, offices, buildings and furniture, before anything that is not of primary essence. Because where would we be without them? People, passionate about what they do. People, confident about their abilities and skills. And with only one thing on their mind: how can I contribute to the next great game(s)?

You are looking to hire new colleagues that have heart for games. Be it artists, software engineers, developers, game designers and community managers, product managers or game analysts. And for the backbone of your organization you are searching good staff, experts in PR, Marketing & Communication, Human Resources and Finance.

Amsterdam, home for Festival of Games for Talent as of April 2013, will help you tap into 177 different nationalities of young ambitious world travellers. When Lonely Planet says Amsterdam is Europe’s number ONE destination we can be confident about attracting enough of them.

Festival of Games for Talent is aiming it’s arrows at those who are looking for a job, looking to make their first move after having worked for a couple of years already and students, who are seriously curious to find out what it’s like to work in the games industry.

But it is not enough to be ‘curious’.  Visiting the Career Fair of Festival of Games for Talent is serious business. They can’t just come over and find a job by chance. They will have to work for it, just as in real life. In workshops, portfolio sessions, speed dates, business network tables, all throughout the event you will be able to spot and interact with them, challenged to show their best.

So have your recruiters spend their time effectively and efficiently in finding the right talent for your company. Together we will focus on bringing in those that are for real when it comes to games. An offer they can’t refuse. Win-win.

Participate in Festival of Games for Talent and cal us at +31-6-3322 3360 or email sales@nlgd.nl

expectationsiconCareer Fair participants

The participating companies for Festival of Games 2013 are, so far:

Creative Spirit
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
Guerrilla Games
Mediacollege Amsterdam


Talent_hours_iconCareer Fair HoursThe Career Fair will be open on:


Wednesday, April 24 2013 10 am - 4 pm